The High Five

The High Five

Collaboration simply means to work together, to co-labor. taking two great things and putting them together and something even greater happens. or not too great things.

We believe that every successful business or product comes from working together. Why collaboration works, is because as individuals, we have our own set of principles, we are limited to our own perspective, our own body of experience, own set of references. when you do things on your own, you can only see what’s in front of you and not things behind you, but when collaborating, you can see from two directions at once. In collaboration, there is an exponential widening of ideas.

In order to do so, we believe that collaboration requires mutual understanding. This is much more than just verbal language but an understanding of how design is practiced in a design studio. And for us, this is how our core values guide us in responding to any design challenge that comes our way. 

Our core values stand as our backbone that gives light to creating meaningful things that people care about.

Culture Forward

Culture is a way of thinking,  it’s the value that brings our team together. 

We believe that good design doesn’t just work but it matters and nurtures. Through this thinking, we learned that it is always about people.

When we design we aim to represent the people behind the work and communicate our culture forward.

Keep it simple, but better

Simplicity means easy to understand. Simple things don’t mean it’s basic and the grandest of things do not mean they are complicated either.

We keep it simple by understanding. To put ourselves in the user’s shoes and understand how they feel, mirror their thoughts and expressions.

Thus understanding becomes insight and creates meaning.

Relentless Optimism

We believe that an open environment encourages creatives to express their ideas without any hesitation and allows others to build on their ideas. This enables us to shift our focus from process to personal creative development, creating a space for growth and innovation.

Always be Learning

We like to challenge existing solutions and inspire new ideas through constant experimentation. We believe that there is no “only way” in approaching a design challenge but rather finding the best possible solution for each problem. This can only be achieved by embracing uncertainty and daring to make a calculated swing that leads to breakthrough thinking and conceptualization.

Be nice and Collaborate

Our strength comes from collective ideas from people we work with and individual experiences from day-to-day life. 

Being able to build on the ideas makes great work. This also goes for our relationship with our clients. We invite our clients to be part of the creative team, encouraging them to take creative leaps with us, working together, to best represent their brand or product.


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