We help transformative brands communicate complex ideas.

We’re called The Backbone because that’s a reflection of our design philosophy — building strong brands at the core that drive culture forward.

The Backbone Company

About The Backbone

Co-creating impactful brands since 2017​

The Backbone is a strategic partner for transformative brands that need to rediscover what makes them unique and communicate complex ideas that connects with their audience. We work with founders, CEOs and executive teams from ambitious startups to growth stage organizations to guide them to an ideal future and help them grow beyond the complexities of shifting marketplaces, mentalities and needs.

A Case for Truth

We strive for authenticity over declaration, answering big problems with honest solutions.

Simplify to Amplify

We strip down all brand communications to its core idea, moving from good to great.

Focus on the Right Problem

When we design, we aim to represent the people behind the brand and the customers they serve.


Brand Strategy & Positioning, Naming, Visual Identity Design, Brand Voice & Messaging, Key Visuals, Character Design, Brand Manual, Product Design & Development, Packaging, Illustration, Campaigns, Web & Digital, Motion Graphics and Creative Consulting


Strategists, Designers, Artists, Storytellers, Makers, Illustrators, Tree Huggers, Collaborators and Branding Experts.


Food and Beverages, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate, Health and Wellness, Startups, Entertainment, Social Enterprise, Non-Profit

Our Clients

Sam RegiFounder, Talking Stories
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"I was impressed by their work and deliverables. They were prompt, and I'm really impressed with the assets."
Shyrwinsteel SiaCEO, Fresh Daily
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"They brought structure and discipline to our very "rough" ideas at that time. They seem like they genuinely care about our success and our project. It seemed like we weren't a transaction to them. And we appreciated that a lot."
Joe RamirezCo-Founder, Brik
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"They did an excellent job distilling down information in a way that made sense to us. Overall, working with The Backbone was a great experience, and they hit the mark."
Dr. Archiel Buagas-Kintanar CEO, Amoma
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"The ideas are great! They are also great at capturing what I envisioned in my head that I cannot translate to words or pictures."
Aneeka TrussiFounder, Creative Agency
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"They were very professional, great communicators and always going above and beyond to get the job done on time!"
Cristina LendvaiMarketing Director, novoMOF AG
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"Their out-of-the-box thinking and creative approach in developing the 3D brand mascot were amazing!"

Our Accolades

It’s always rewarding to be recognized for the work that we love to do. Here are a few of the highlights over the years:

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