Optimizing Data through Storytelling

Optimizing Data through Storytelling

We often hear the line "Data is King" but there is more to that.

If data is King, storytelling is the Queen.

We’ve been taught that data should speak for themselves, as I believe it should. Data is the center of every business and organization. It tells us the strengths and weaknesses of a design and shows growth opportunities as well. But how might these numbers become more relevant to your customers?

That's when Storytelling comes in.

When you have good data, the story brings it to life. Storytelling guides your listeners toward making the right choice or so we call it “Choice Architecture”. In traditional business, people often think that data and story are two separate things when in fact, a brand’s story is supported by data, and data should be combined with the right story to resonate with your listeners.

A good brand has both - data to validate and a good story that inspires audiences to take positive action.


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