Hemera Spa Lounge

Your Wellness Escape

Hemera Spa Lounge

Your Wellness Escape


Positioning itself to be the ultimate wellness destination, Hemera promotes accessible luxury, signature services, and an overall experience of warmth and comfort. Their goal is to give your weary spirit a glow-up you never thought you needed.

scope of work

Brand Naming
Brand Identity
Print Design
Verbal Identity


ASEAN-KOREA Excellent Design

‘Hemera’ came about when we played around with the idea of clients as royals taking a break from their queenly and kingly duties. Hemera is the goddess of daytime or the sun, a symbol for energy and vitality, which what the brand is all about – a place to relax, rejuvenate, and pamper oneself.

The identity is inspired by lightness and fluidity. As its namesake stands for life, the brand encourages a lifestyle of wellness and skincare through creating novel relaxation experiences unique to them.
It was a natural progression to use the sun as the emblem of the logo, which denotes strength and good energy. We paired it with a sleek sans-serif font for sophistication and professionalism. The color landscape is composed of earth tones with a more quiet shade of yellow to maintain the brand’s position of being gender-neutral.
The product packaging adapted a sophisticated design to continue the narrative of Hemera being a premium brand, because first impressions are very important. Clients are treated to a very personalized experience, as they can test out the oils prior to using them and choose what they like best. 

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