A CEO’s guide to building a lasting brand

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A CEO's guide to building a lasting brand

Branding. For many entrepreneurs and start-up founders, it might feel overwhelming and intimidating.

Before we set sail on this journey, you must have a lot of questions in mind. What is branding? How will this affect my business? Do we have the budget? Do we really need a new logo?

Steering into the unknown is never an easy journey. The branding process, whether a startup, new product launch, or existing business is complex, it involves multiple processes with unforeseen unique challenges that must be navigated carefully. The key to sailing through this dark stormy journey of branding is having the right people on board.

Branding is the culmination of your business' values and the highest ideas of the company in the broadest context of our society and economy. Simply put, a brand is a reputation driven by a collective experience and perception from your customers. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors - Intentional, honest and authentic.

In today’s corporate landscape, the CEO ties many knots. They lead the work that needs to be done and manages the risks that come along with it. They establish the roadmaps for the future and build the blueprint for success.

To survive and thrive, every CEO or Founding member must have a good anchor of understanding why the business exists. We believe that brands must focus on a compelling story by answering 3 fundamental questions or face adrift.

What drives you to be of service to humanity?
How do you add value to your audience?
Who are your beneficiaries and what do they really need?

Brands built in the overlap of those 3 essential questions develop a strong brand presence, driven by their holistic understanding of their audience and their needs. The results are worth the murky journey — a chest full of treasure if you will: a thriving company culture, crucial decisions made easier and a devoted customer rapport. This is one of the CEO’s greatest opportunities to champion their brand values, active employees and a well-designed brand.


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The foundations that drive a lasting brand

The foundations that drive a lasting brand

Good design is an experience- it makes life easier, more enjoyable. For us, we’ve learned that it’s always about people. We believe that diversity—of backgrounds, vision, practices and disciplines—is key to every successful design journey.

Our four-step design process is built to execute ideas uniquely and create impactful brands.


We love to hear stories—especially yours! This is the “getting-to-know-you” stage. It gives us a closer look at your brand, understanding your brand through your lense. Your story will guide us to explore your brand further, identify your needs, and bounce off insights from our shared experience.


Stories grow into ideas and ideas are stronger in collaboration. This phase is where we lay the foundations of your brand. Here we will define what your brand stands for, who you’re doing it for, and why it matters. This acts as the compass leading us forward with intention and purpose.


We will breathe life into our ideas. This is where our research and insight will get to work. We activate this through calculated experimentation that best represents what your brand truly is. In this process, we’ll have a better view of how we communicate with your audience both visually and verbally.


Your new look will be implemented in various compositions giving it a dimensional experience. In this phase, our tangible brand values takes the center stage. This is where we can truly define success for our clients in building a consistent, impactful and relevant brand.


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