Ooh!maapaw sa sarap!


Ooh!maapaw sa sarap!


Mix street food with a pinch of Asian fusion, and you get Ooh! Mami, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves Filipino comfort food. Their goal is for their diners to have a dining experience that is both affordable and enjoyable, wrapped in a nicely branded package.

scope of work

Brand Identity


Food Photography by Zack Aldave
The colors are inspired by Filipino sorbetes and the font is reminiscent of the typography on street carts and jeepneys. 
We had to look back on our own experiences as kids, like what Filipino shows we’d watch and the different colors we’d see on the streets where we used to play.
The overall feel is fun and casual.
images of the brands menu design, calling card and food packaging
Image of the store sign

The bowl had a lot of significance in our approach to food styling and in the essence of the restaurant itself. The food would be served in a bowl because of its convenience. You could enjoy your food standing up, with or without sauce or soup. The design of the bowl is simple with a hint of elegance to keep it functional and looking nice.

Images of the Asian food in a bowl
Images of the Food packaging in bowl and take out bahs
Stylized photo of Asian food in a bowl

Overall, the concept of the restaurant, which also drove the branding direction, was very much rooted in the richness of the Filipino culture. It was important that the language and look be consistently relatable, so the dish names had a little twist to keep it light and quirky. The illustrations are doodles on a chalkboard, as inspired by the idea to leave room for imagination and discovery.

Images of poster design pasted on a wall with 3 chairs
Poster design of the brand with Filipino food puns
Images of menu design of the brand

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