Bez Acre

All-Natural Produce

Bez Acre

All-Natural Produce


Bez Acre is a family-owned farm in Toledo, Cebu PH selling preserved jams, spices, and produce fresh from their backyard. Initially for personal consumption, what they harvest from their farm now is being shared to others, giving a richer meaning to reaping what you sow.

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Brand Identity
Verbal Identity


ASEAN-KOREA Excellent Design Semi-finalist

The vacation home of the Enriquez family in Toledo was a place where they could pause and bond. They would devote their time into taking care of their land, bearing in mind their roles as stewards of the earth. 

The farmer’s hat is a symbol for the hard work, integrity, and diligence in tending their fields with their very hands. Bez Acre’s philosophy is to cultivate the earth with attention and gratitude.
Illustrations of farm essentials
Bez Acre is all about planting with care and harvesting with thanks. The verbal identity of the brand is modeled after a prayer – a gentle expression of gratitude to the Creator for everything. This significant aspect of the family’s belief system is also emphasized in the packaging. 
Earth tones and illustrations of farm elements like fruits, vegetables, animals, and tools, make the overall brand voice and identity rustic, warm, and full of care. As hearty as a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day, the Enriquez family welcomes their customers into their family with open arms too.
Illustrations of the brand

A family that plants together, stays together. Check them out at their Facebook page and get some soulful goods for yourself.

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