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Empowering Communities

Balik Toledo

Empowering Communities


Balik Toledo is an organization focused on gratitude. Founded by three women, born and raised in the said community, it aims to emphasize the diverse cultural city through creating programs, livelihood, and products proudly made in Toledo, Cebu PH.

scope of work

Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Toledo city is known for its rich history and magnificent natural resources that created thousands of livelihoods through tourism, agriculture, and products. Balik, which means to return, was the central focus of designing the identity. 
Photo of people in the market

We engaged in in-depth brand discovery meetings with Balik Toledo’s founding mothers and uncovered what ‘balik’ means to them. We left with a profound understanding of each member’s admiration for the city and convened to personify Toledo City, from the environment to culture and encounters.

Building off of our brand strategy, we decided that Balik Toledo’s visual system should be as flexible and dynamic as its vision — To champion Toledo as a multi-faceted city full of gifted individuals and overflowing natural resources. ​​​​​​​
Invitation for an event
Poster with images of Toledo City, Cebu Philippines

We designed a vibrant and warm brand identity that centers around the strengths of the city at the same time embodies the intricacy and dedication towards their work. It features the four icons that represent Toledo; earth, power, coast, and home ensuring that humanity is always at the heart of their work.  

Image of calling cards with icons of Home, nature and Sustinability
Illustration of wheelbarrow, bucket of fish , sack of rice and a logo of the brand Balike Toledo
Illustration of a woman holding a wheelbarrow and a bearded fisherman holding a fish

To accentuate Balik Toledo’s commitment to versatility, the brands’ primary mark features icons that demonstrate the different programs and events that they are working on. Whether it’s about conservation or trade shows, the identity is adaptable varying its form across different functions. 

Poster design highlighting Toledo Cebu's tourist spot
Graphic poster design of the brand highlighting nature and power
Our work revolved around a beloved phrase ‘Empowering Communities’ that encapsulates the brand’s promise and commitment to the community. This resulted in a visual narrative that celebrates the local bounty and a playful harmony between nature and the community. ​​​​​​​
Sample invitation card and wrapper design of the brand

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