Aroma Art Atelier

Tradition of Excellence

Aroma Art Atelier

Tradition of Excellence


Aroma Art Atelier is an art academy dedicated to nurturing homegrown artists from Toledo city, Cebu, Philippines, and leading the city as the cultural hub of representational classical art.

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Founded by multi-awarded Filipino contemporary realist, Orley Yu Ypon, the atelier’s practice-based approach encourages students to master the foundations of painting while developing their styles and creative aspirations. 
It began as a casual gathering of local artists, a means for them to foster long-standing ties, to share common practices and philosophies in painting, and to introduce new aspirants in the field. Two years later, Aroma Art Atelier became incorporated as a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping emerging artists exercise their full potential by providing basic art training.​​​​​​​
Inspired from a native bush in Toledo City, Aroma Art Atelier speaks for resiliency and passion for the art and community. Taking inspiration from its name, Aroma is recognized by its thorns that define strength, tradition, and commitment to excellence. 

With the identity focused on the tradition of excellence and the commitment to student’s personal growth in representational art, color palettes resemble the classical art movement and added a touch of sophistication and prestige. 

In the pursuit of excellence, the atelier provides its students a safe space conducive to productivity and access to applied arts education with the right tools and materials where they can discuss freely with their mentors and turn theory into actual manifestations.

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Aroma Art Atelier hopes to help develop Toledo City Cebu into a flourishing cultural hub destination, a haven for Cebuano classical art to thrive and evolve. Check out their website for updates.

“The Backbone really helps build the brand and promote our paintings efficiently, most especially the customer-friendly staff. We highly recommend them.”

Angie Garbo, Gallery Director

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