Wear Your Tribe, Wear With Pride


Wear Your Tribe, Wear With Pride


From day one, our partner ANTHILL has sought the preservation of Philippine weaving traditions through the creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities. After 13 years of growth in the pursuit of this goal, they wanted to celebrate with a refreshed brand identity. Our job was to help them embrace a new chapter in their business journey while retaining the integrity of the brand’s roots and core values.

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Brand Refresh
Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Brand Manual

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Morgan Tornilla
Kenneth Hicks
Brand refresh and visual identity for ANTHILL

To do this, the original logo was maintained, and for primary brand colors we gave them a palette of complimentary earth tones supported by crisp, contrasting hues to convey the fresh, modern energy that our client brings to their work. These would be further accented by mostly neutral secondary colors.

Due to the nature of their products, our client often deals with a large variety of textures and media. So, when it came to typography they needed fonts that were clean and legible, with a variety of options for line weight. It was equally important that the brand’s typography set be easily available online based on the workflow needs of their growing team. Flexibility and accessibility were a must.

A ribbon-like arc was designed to serve as the brand’s primary graphic asset. This kept a reference to textiles at the heart of their visual identity. The arch shape also implies a portal, both to a space for the celebration and elevation of Philippine weaving traditions, and a portal opening for those traditions to meet new, global opportunities.

We also supplied them with new icons for their website utilizing minimal line art with rounded edges to imbue the iconography with a sense of motion and flow as well as echo the curves in the arc.

The photography guidelines for brand heroes and styling cues emphasize their intention to reach a more diverse, worldwide audience. The characteristics that we aimed to convey were warm and colorful, but mature and inclusive.

Upon completion, we were immediately able to put the brand guide to use as the basis for their B2B pitch decks. 

Beyond that, it’s been wonderful to see the ANTHILL team empowered,  and eagerly using the guide to create their own collaterals, confident in the impact of their message as they continue to champion Philippine weaves and craftsmanship.

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